Our new condo in
Mountain View, California, USA

In  2005, we sold our house in Portola Valley and put all our things into storage while we were in France for the summer.

On our return to California, we bought a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condominium in Mountain View, about 40 miles south of San Francisco. In many ways, it's the opposite of our place in France - light, modern and convenient to services. The complex is only about 13 years old and

contemporary in style. Because it's in an urban area, there are shopping and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Despite the size and location of the complex, it's surprisingly quiet. Amenities include a swimming pool and exercise room. There also is gated access and an enclosed garage, so when we want to go away (including to France), we can pretty much just lock the door and leave.

Our building from space

Courtesy of Google Earth - note that you can even see the five frog sculptures in the courtyard.

Ortega Avenue entrance

There are 132 units in all - ours is visible beyond the gate and across the courtyard.

Central Courtyard

Our unit - on the top floor just right of center - faces the nicely landscaped central courtyard.

Living Room

Kitchen is on the left, bedrooms to the right. The fireplace works, but we probably won't be using it.

Courtyard from our balcony

The balcony is quite small - room for two chairs and a gas grill.

Floor Plan

Total living area is 1111 sq. ft. (103 sq. m.). There also is a small storage area in the basement.


And here is a view of the living room with the new shutters installed....


Allan & Diana COLBY
550 Ortega Avenue #A416
Mountain View, CA 94040

Tel. (650) 961-5707
or from overseas
001 650 961 5707

 13 June 2006